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As a photographer, I am inspired by the poetic elements and the colors of this world. I am particularly drawn to remote, abandoned yet culturally rich places, interested in uncovering unexpected beauty and in exploring the essence of life that emerges from such places. Photography allows me to look at a different dimensions of people, places and objects. I seek to capture their beauty and simplicity and beyond, to reveal their soul, their memories, and tell their story. For me, photography is about mood, atmosphere, the essence of being, and the essence of time, present and past. I like bringing into view unobserved moments, personal interpretations of a scene, making the viewer experience something new while looking at a familiar landscape or subject.

In recent years I have studied composition and color photography with Monte Hartman. I also studied under the direction of Kate and Geir Jordhal and attended several workshops with Richard Knepp.  In the past few years, I have participated in several photography group exhibits. In the past my pictures of performing artists have been published in the Chronicle and other bay area newspaper while recently I contributed to two issues of the Loin's Mouth, a quarterly satirical magazine about life in the Tenderloin.